Victory t-shirt tempest swirling in Joppa [Letter]

April 02, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


I am writing in response to an apparent dust-up over the use of rap lyrics on a t-shirt at Joppatowne High School. Unfortunately, I did not see the original letter to the editor on this subject, but I can comment on the mother-educator response.

It disturbs me to read that a parent and educator would actually condone the use of this particular rap song, or any part of it in a school setting. This so called song contains foul language and atrocious grammar from start to finish as well as the use of the controversial "N" word; though in the so-called acceptable context we have been duped to believe is "artistic expression."

To advance the premise that these lyrics reflect camaraderie and grit ultimately guiding a sports team to marked improvement over a new season is utter folly; and yes, Virginia, kids these days do speak that way. Take a walk around any mall and you may be surprised.

I implore all readers of this paper as well as the parents, educators and administrators within the Joppatowne High School and Harford County Education communities to read the lyrics of this song in its entirety. I think you will find that when put into context these lyrics have no correlation to anything remotely representative of teamwork, much less sports.

The question we need to ask ourselves is clear: Is it appropriate for Joppatowne High, or any school, to promote this type of music or part thereof, in any school, in any context?

Lyle Garitty


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