Bernard Pollard still feels 'a little offended' by John Harbaugh

April 01, 2013|By Matt Vensel | The Baltimore Sun

Bernard Pollard has a new team in the Tennessee Titans, but he is still talking about his exit from the Ravens.

In a recent interview with Houston radio station KILT-AM, Pollard, who was cut by the Ravens a few weeks after he helped them win the Super Bowl, was asked about his surprising release a couple of days into free agency. The conversation shifted to that heated team meeting in October when he, fellow safety Ed Reed and other players voiced displeasure about practicing in pads two days after a blowout loss to the Houston Texans.

One November report from Yahoo! Sports described the meeting as a “near-mutiny,” but players and coaches have since downplayed that suggestion. Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata called it “a little therapeutic session” and coach John Harbaugh, in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, said it was just “a midseason thing.”

In the interview with KILT-AM, Pollard said that he was “a little offended” that Harbaugh or someone else from the team didn’t do more to squash the notion that there was a locker room mutiny.

"Coach Harbaugh opened up the floor, he asked us our opinion on things that were going good and things that wasn’t going good and things that we needed to change,” Pollard said. “We as humans, we tend to want to know or want to ask people things, but do we really want to know the truth? And so I spoke up, Ed spoke up, and if it was something that Coach Harbaugh didn’t like, we didn’t know that until now.

"Obviously we would have to say as players that somebody took it personal because for them not to come back and say that wasn’t a problem, there was no mutiny or anything else. I’m offended by that because we walked away from that situation thinking, ‘OK, everybody’s on the same page. We’re all good.’ Like I said, I’m just a little offended that the coach never stepped up and said anything.”

Months later, it sounds like Pollard, who signed a one-year deal with the Titans, and his old coach still aren’t on the same page.

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