'The Walking Dead' season finale recap, episode 316: 'Welcome to the Tombs'

Woodbury is falling...

  • Tyreese (Chad Coleman) is heading back to prison, and he's bringing his daughter: Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).
Tyreese (Chad Coleman) is heading back to prison, and he's… (Gene Page )
March 31, 2013|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@tribune.com

Well, we wanted carnage in the season finale of The Walking Dead, and we got it.

I have a feeling most viewers will consider this episode tame, though, since the Governor is still kicking and the war between the prison and Woodbury still hasn't quite been resolved.

We'll just have to wait until season four to find out how this story ends!

AMC has us eating out of its hands...

When you think about it though, this episode was pretty strong.

There was an actual skirmish between the prison and Woodbury, the Governor lost his mind and killed off almost all of his troops, two major human characters died (and a boatload of insignificant ones), and there was some serious storyline progression.

This is the way things set up for the season four debut (October, 2013): the prison has acquired a bunch of new folks including Tyreese (they're going to need to thin the herd a bit, methinks), the Governor is still on the loose with Martinez and Shumpert as his only remaining lackeys, Carl and Rick seem to be in some sort of awkward father-son power struggle, and they still haven't solved this little head-scratcher with the dead coming back to life.

That makes for some pretty compelling television in my estimation.

I'd like to know how long this Governor-Rick fight is going to play out. I wouldn't be totally surprised if both of those characters were still alive after NEXT season's finale! And by then we'll all be driving hovercrafts to work at the lazer factory.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Carl becomes the Governor's main adversary, and Rick falls back! I really hope that doesn't happen, though, because Carl annoys the hell out of me. What was all that "...now go" business, trying to act all hard? And earlier in the episode Rick tried to console him and Carl was like "Get off me! Get off me!" like some power forward who was being hand checked in the post. I think Rick had every right to slap some manners into that young man right then and there. Spare the rod and spoil the child, I say. I don't really mean that, but this is the zombie apocalypse...

How about the way this episode was set up, you guys? It started off with a close-up of the Governor's eye, and the season three debut (way back in mid-October) started off with a close-up of a zombie's eye! By the way something, the Governor's eye looked really banged up, almost like a zombie's eye! We now know from that nerd doctor back in season one that everyone has the disease, so it's not that far fetched to think that you could see signs of decomposition by peering into ones eyes, after all the eyes are the window to the soul.

I also liked how the episode began with Milton and Andrea being tortured in a room, and ended with zombie Milton and Andrea engaged in a mortal struggle in that same room. When it went to the commercial break with Andrea and zombie Milton fighting behind the closed door, I said "Andrea killed him." But then I remembered that this show isn't traditional, and I said "Andrea is going to be a zombie when it comes back."

The episode ended with a bunch of zombies shuffling around in the tall grass as insects buzzed, as if to say: "we ain't going nowhere, got nowhere to go." As if to say, this is nature now, this is just the backdrop to your existence and it's something you'll have to deal with everyday, for the rest of your life.

In summary, I think sometimes this show gets a little more credit than it deserves, but these last two episodes were pretty solid, and leave me wanting more.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and making comments, it's been fun! Yay, that's a wrap on me, now I can return to spending my Sunday nights watching baseball and trying to sell crummy junk on eBay! Happy opening day to everyone!

Did you know or notice?

  • Dallas Roberts (Milton) nearly vomited when they put the zombie contact lenses into his eyes. (Per Making of video).
  • Daryl briefly talked about Merle's death, applauding his bravery.
  • Rick and Michonne briefly talked about their relationship. Why didn't they just start kissing?
  • When Andrea took off her boots to grab the wrench with her toes, she had really nicely manicured tootsies, for all of you foot fetishists out there...
  • When Rick handed Andrea his service revolver toward the end, she said "I know how the safety works," harkening back to earlier in the series when he and Shane were teaching her how to shoot.
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