Many alumni support Towson decision

March 29, 2013

The recent article by Carrie Wells and Scott Calvert ("Ire grows after Towson president cuts two teams," March 24) neglected to capture the opinion of "some of Towson's most prominent and active alumni" who support President Maravene Loeschke's difficult decision to eliminate two men's sports teams.

The Sun's editors should certainly be aware of alumni who understand and support the decision based on recent letters published in this newspaper. However, Ms. Wells and Mr. Calvert instead chose to focus on an alumnus who has a dissenting opinion.

As a member of the Towson University Alumni Association Board, I support the decision made by the school as President Loeschke, together with the department of intercollegiate athletics, move toward the goal of a financially sustainable, compliant, competitive and successful athletic program at TU.

John Raley

The writer is a 1980 graduate of Towson University.

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