Enough of Sandusky, Paterno and Penn State

March 29, 2013

It is horrifying to open a newspaper and see Jerry Sandusky again ("Sandusky: Paterno wouldn't allow pedophile," March 26). Just when you thought the Penn State sexual abuse scandal was over, Mr. Sandusky is giving interviews to a crazed documentary filmmaker, John Ziegler.

To know that Mr. Ziegler is getting coverage for the nonsense he is pursuing — namely, that Joe Paterno did not know Mr. Sandusky was a pedophile — is just one more indignity to be endured by sexual abuse victims everywhere.

Mr. Sandusky is going to continue to proclaim his innocence from his jail cell, and we do not need to hear any more from him. It's obvious that Mr. Paterno knew everything that was going on in the Penn State football program, so there is no reason to discuss that further.

Even the Paterno family does not wish to see this discussion continue. I hope that the Today Show and other media outlets will stop covering this story. It only adds to the hurt of those who are already hurting — the victims of sexual abuse.

Betsy Schindler, Baltimore

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