Illegal immigrants shouldn't enjoy the same privileges as citizens

March 29, 2013

In the great state of Maryland, the word "illegal" seems to mean "worthy of special treatment" ("Senate approves two-tier licenses," March 27). Otherwise, illegal immigrants would have three choices: Get legal, get out or go to jail.

I love Maryland and have never wanted to live anywhere else. But I think everyone should have to play by same set of rules. If we don't, we will be come a society where "illegal" becomes the norm and laws are irrelevant because everyone will know that they only apply to ''legal citizens."

In order to be eligible for the same things as everyone else, such as driver's licenses and in-state college tuition rates, illegal Immigrants need to go through the process to legalize their presence here. Our government needs to stop giving those who don't the same privileges the rest of us enjoy.

Pete Karopchinsky, Ferndale

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