'Chs. Carroll Turns Detective; Solves Initial Mystery' [History Matters]

March 28, 2013|By Louise Vest

100 Years Ago

'Refined' burlesque

An ad in the Times: "Gayety Theatre — A Big Event in Local Theatricals — An announcement will soon be made of the coming to Baltimore of one stellar aggregation of stars, that will surprise even the regular theatre patrons. In the last few years we have had several All Star Revivals, the Lambs and Friars Star Gambols, etc., but the first and only Burlesque Jubilee will be seen at the Gayety theatre, Baltimore, Md.

"The signal honor was tendered Al Reeves, who will head this big organization as Mr. Reeves is considered without a peer in his line. When he consented to appear, it was agreed that this would be an event second to one in the history of Refined burlesque."

The Gayety on Baltimore's famous Block opened in 1906 and performers there over the years included Phil Silvers, Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason and Blaze Starr.

75 Years Ago

Charles (Sherlock) Carroll

"Chs. Carroll Turns Detective; Solves Initial Mystery: Receives Donation for President's Fund From Virginia — Investigation Fruitful

"A bit of detective work on the part of Charles Carroll, Jr., who was chairman of the President's Birthday Party Ball in Howard County, resulted in his receiving the fine letter which is printed here.

"Two weeks ago Mr. Carroll received a donation for the local fund in an envelope postmarked Richmond, Virginia, and enclosed with a note that bore only the initials of R.P. In questioning people on Court House hill if they knew of a Howard County person with these initials who had taken up residence in the Virginia town, Mr. Carroll happened to speak of it to Senator Joseph L. Donovan, who remembered a legal transaction that he that he had with Mrs. R. Pue, recently of Ellicott City.

"Comparing the two notes, Mr. Carroll was convinced that they were identical and wrote Mrs. Pue, thanking her for the donation. Well — read the fine letter he received in answer to his note of appreciation:

"Mr. Charles Carroll, Jr.

Dear Sir:

It afforded me a great deal of pleasure to contribute to the relief of the infantile paralysis sufferers which was added to the fund realized from the President's Birthday Dance. You are perfectly right — I am sorry you had so much trouble finding me. I knew my contribution would be appreciated, therefore signed only my initials.

Respectfully, Mrs. Mary R. Pue. February 8, 1938."

Mrs. Pue is well known throughout the county having resided in this county for many years. Her husband, Arthur Pue, died a few years ago and before his death the couple resided on College Avenue.

50 Years Ago

Tudor Ford

In a Times ad: "Archway Ford West, the Supermart for Supersavings, New 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Tudor Hardtop. Full Factory Deluxe Equipment, includes radio, heater and white wall tires. Only $2,438 Freight and Excise Taxes Included Only $53.25 Per Mo. Payment based on normal l/3 down, cash or trade."

A heater and radio were deluxe! The "Tudor," I guess, was car speak for two door.

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