'Survivor: Caramoan' recap, Episode 7, 'Tubby Lunchbox'

  • Sherri Biethman of the Gota Tribe enjoys her reward during the latest episode of "Survivor: Caramoan."
Sherri Biethman of the Gota Tribe enjoys her reward during the… (Monty Brinton / CBS )
March 28, 2013|By Beth Aaltonen

Back at Bikal after Tribal Council, everyone agrees they liked Matt and that it sucked to have to send him home. Michael is especially bereft, as Matt was his ally from the start. Luckily for him, Corinne loves the gays, and she’s willing to get rid of someone from her alliance (namely, Phillip) in order to keep him.

Phillip sees them talking, and, as a federal agent (sigh) he doesn’t trust Corinne and wants her gone immediately. Cochran tries to talk him down using logic and solid game strategy, but it doesn’t seem to have any affect.

The tribes get Treemail about the strong carrying the weak, and Bikal is a little worried that they’re a little heavy on the ‘weak’ side, except for Phillip, who practically asks karma to come and bite him in the butt as he goes on and on about how strong he is. To prove this, he beats Cochran at an arm-wrestling match.

Reward Challenge time!

And it’s an endurance challenge (of sorts) this week, with the entire tribe roped together and each carrying 20 pounds of sand. They have to race around a track in the water until one tribe catches the other. From the start, Gota is stalking Bikal, with Phillip in the lead for Bikal flat out refusing to run. I don’t think he can. He says that it’s because he needs to save his strength for when everybody will leave the game and give them their weight. I don’t think they’re even going to get to that point. Bikal needs to run, and now.  But Phillip falls down, and Gota gets the chance to catch them, and wins reward.

As Dawn points out, it was Phillip’s arrogance that cost them that challenge. Is this the week they finally stop listening to his craziness and get rid of him? A girl can hope.

Gota gets their reward, which is a trip to another island for a "Survivor-style" coffee break with lots of sweet treats and coffee. Everyone on the surface is happy, as Malcolm points out, but there are lots of movements going on under the surface. He thinks that he needs to make a move soon because no one will want to go to the end with him.

Back at Bikal, Phillip is trying to save some face stating that they challenge was a lost cause against Gota no matter what they did. Probably true, but you also lost a lot faster because of Phillip. Corinne is completely annoyed with him, and also wants him gone now; Cochran is left trying to hold the Favorites together on his tribe. And now Corinne wants to keep Michael, and Phillip wants to keep Julia, so it should come to a head this episode.

At Gota, Malcolm and Reynold are talking about what will happen after the merge. Malcolm wants the four strong guys, namely himself, Eddie, Reynold, and Erik, and form an alliance. I think Malcolm also thinks that he can win against any of them.

Julia and Dawn are talking about Phillip trying to bring her on board with him; Julia is OK with that, but she’s also not against getting rid of him if it will help her. And then our little Mormon tells Julia that she won’t tell anyone what she’s said, and then goes straight to Phillip and tells her. Way to go girl! It’s just a game, and one that I would like to see you stick around in. They agree that Julia needs to go because of her “foo-pas” (I think you mean faux-pas, Phillip).

Immunity Challenge time!

This week’s challenge involves paddling, diving to release a statue, and then using a grappling hook to get keys. It’s a good challenge, and not obviously weighted towards the stronger Gota tribe. While it looks like Bikal is off to a slow start, they catch up with Gota in time to start diving. Teams are even when they get to the grappling hook, but Reynold is way better at it than Phillip. Gota wins immunity (again) and Bikal is going to Tribal Council (again).

I want it to be Phillip going home, but it won’t be. Julia, then? I don’t think it will be Michael; he’s the closest thing to muscle that they have.

As soon as they get back to camp, Phillip takes Cochran aside to confess that the reason why they lost the challenge was because Phillip didn’t want to win. Which, points for Cochran, he immediately recognizes as complete bull. He also realizes that, by this point, Phillip has completely convinced himself that he intentionally didn’t win.

The Favorites on Bikal agree that it’s Julia that should go, but Corinne doesn’t want to split the vote because she wants Michael to feel like he’s a part of the group. Phillip calls her a bully when he is talking to Cochran and Dawn privately; he then proceeds to totally bully Corinne when she comes over to see what they are talking about.

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