Mia Carolina in Glyndon has closed

March 28, 2013|by Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Mia Carolina has closed in Glyndon. The last day of service was Sunday.

“We couldn't sell it and we couldn't sustain it,” owner Jay Cohen told The Baltimore Sun. "I'm grateful to everyone who was involved from the landlord to the last busboy. The customers made the restaurant what it was, and I thank every one of them."

Cohen opened Mia Carolina in 2005, taking over the old Mezzanotte Bistro space on Butler Road. He thoroughly renovated the space in 2007, changing the atmosphere from trattoria to semi-formal dining. "It's a likable restaurant with good food," Sun restaurant critic Elizabeth Large wrote in her 2007 post-renovation review.

The restaurant had its following but it struggled. "The economy did its damage over the years," Cohen said. "We attempted to recover and we couldn't."

Cohen said he tried selling the business several times, but the deals always fell through. "After the most recent failed attempt,” he said, “I just said enough's enough.” 

Cohen said the restaurant's location and competition from chains were part of the story. "I'm not saying the chains put me out of business,” he said, “but the little guy doesn't have the infrastructure and cash flow.”

Cohen said he didn’t know what the future would bring and for now he isn’t looking too far beyond his daughter’s upcoming bat mitzvah, but said he knew that closing was the right decision.

"I feel better than I have in a long time,” he said. “The burden is lifted, and that's what the restaurant had become.”


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