Charred Rib closing down, but first, a party

March 28, 2013|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Tony Campagna is closing the Charred Rib on Sunday.

Campagna bought the Charred Rib in 1983 from its original owners. He moved it to its current location in the Yorkridge Shopping Center in 1998.

When the 15-year lease came up, Campagna said had a talk with the landlord. They both agreed the Charred Rib could stand some modernizing. 

"Do I really want to get into this again?" Campagna thought. "I’m going to be 64 in August. My daughter is pregnant with twins. My mother is 91 and lives alone."

Campagna decided not to re-sign.

So, the Charred Rib will close for good on Sunday.

But Campagna was happy that customers had some notice. "A lot of old customers are coming in," Campagna said. "We auctioned off a bunch of stuff on the wall."

The last weekend will be like a big reunion. The Friday night trivia gang can stop by for one last session with "Godfather" Johnny Kutz.

Campagna said that while the restaurant will be open Sunday, there are no big plans for the last day because it's Easter.

But Saturday night will be like a big reunion for Charred Rib customers. Disc jockeys Ray Der and Dean Cantemiry are coming back for one last karaoke night. "They're doing it gratis," Campagna said.

Campagna said the Saturday night party starts at 8 p.m. "We're also inviting all of our past employees," he said, and added, "the ones who left on good terms."



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