Honoring family members who can't make it to the wedding

March 26, 2013|By Katie Mercado, For The Baltimore Sun

I just recently experienced the death of my grandfather and while this is obviously a hard subject, my upcoming wedding in just a few weeks makes it an even harder thought to bear.

In this time of mourning and sadness, I’m reminded of how much I love my grandfather and all of the special memories we had together. I was his first grandchild and for nearly seven years (until my brother came along) I was the apple of his eye. I always dreamt of the day he would see me get married and celebrate with me in this new stage of life.

Unfortunately Pop won’t be there for my special day and as I come to terms with this reality I’m reminded that there are a lot of brides out there who will also be missing someone near and dear to their heart as they walk down the aisle.

While I always try to keep these posts light-hearted and fun, it is important to remember the difficult parts, especially in honoring the ones you love who cannot be there with you, for whatever reason.

I’ve seen a lot of trends for this sort of thing and wanted to use this experience to share with other brides in the same boat how they can honor their loved ones during the wedding. So, some examples are:

  • Saving a seat for them during the ceremony
  • A special reading by a friend or family member
  • A moment of silence
  • A photo and note for the person
  • A toast during dinner

Whether it’s something you do privately or outwardly during your wedding, remember the ones you love in your own way and be sure to be thankful for all the ones who can be there to celebrate with you.

 (I love you, Pop, and miss you!)

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