Keep school names out of the news when reporting criminal charges of teens [Letter]

March 26, 2013

I wonder why you find it necessary to state the school a person attends when reporting crimes.  Your article (Four teens face charges in attack on taxi driver) is a prime example of this practice.  It gives an appearance that the school has some responsibility in the commission of the crime, that the school is the reason these teenagers are criminals.

The crime had nothing to do with Oakland Mills High School, was not committed on that property, and certainly was not caused by their attendance at the school.

If you find it necessary to further identify an alleged criminal beyond their name and age, perhaps you could use their parents' names; i.e., John Doe, son of Jack and Jill Doe.  My guess is they had more to do with their child ending up in these circumstances than the school did.

Marijane Monck


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