"Bottle" bill dies in House

Beverage industry, retailers fought measure favored by environmentalists

March 25, 2013|Tim Wheeler

A bill meant to boost recycling of drink cans and bottles by charging a nickel deposit on them died in the House Environmental Matters Committee Monday.

The measure, HB1085, sponsored by the committee's chairwoman, Del. Maggie McIntosh, a Baltimore city Democrat, had the backing of environmental groups, who noted that states with similar container deposit laws had much higher recycling rates than those without.

McIntosh touted the bill as a new, improved version of the bottle deposit legislation that was repeatedly pushed - and defeated - years ago in Annapolis.

But the new bill was nevertheless opposed by the beverage industry and by retailers, who contended it would hurt their business and was unneeded, given community recycling programs across the state.  The Maryland Association of Counties also objected.

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