Jacoby Jones gets jazzed up on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Recap of Ravens player's performance

March 25, 2013|By Diane Trap, For The Baltimore Sun

Jacoby Jones and Karina get the first jazz dance of the season. He says, "I wasn't nervous in the Super Bowl, do you think I'd get nervous for this?" and Karina gives him a shove.

She’s too smart to pull his finger during rehearsal but he cuts one without help. Karina brings in some friends, a troupe of tiny girls, and yes, Jacoby in their midst is as cute as you'd think. They taunt him mercilessly.

They start with Karina on Jacoby's shoulders, under a very tall trenchcoat, in sepiascope. Music is Five Guys Named Moe. Karina's costumers have forgotten her shirt. It's a fun dance, with mirrored footwork and some comedy lifts. His mother is in the audience, looking lovely in black velvet.

Carrie is smiling and says the dance was rocking, and Jacoby’s lines are fantastic. Jacoby makes a show of fixing his posture for Len and seems to have overheard Kym telling Ingo to dance like he has a penny up his butt. Len says the dance was fun and full of razmatazz, and that jazz will play to Jacoby's strengths, which he hopes will carry to his other numbers. He loved it. Bruno is out of his chair and says it had wit, charm and energy.

Brooke asks if Karina or the mini dancers were tougher; Jacoby says it was like being in a house and they took up all the bathrooms. They taught him his jazz hands.

Judges scores: Carrie Ann 8; Len 7; Bruno 8 -- 23 out of 30, combined with last week’s scores to make 43 out of 60. Jacoby says the performance wasn't bad, but he's got some more work to do.

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