After Elvis Dumervil signing, Ravens fans can stop whining

March 24, 2013|By Mike Preston | The Baltimore Sun

Maybe now some of the Ravens fans will stop whining.

Oh, they let Ed Reed go, they let Dannell Ellerbe go, they let Paul Kruger go, they cut Bernard Pollard ...

Whine, whine, whine ...

The entire time I kept saying the Ravens were making the right moves and they still could make a big, major acquisition. Forget the salary cap baloney -- when a team wants to make a deal, when they feel a player is a priority, then they can make the deal regardless of cap status. It might cost them a veteran or two, and it might hurt in the future, but it can happen.

The Ravens pulled the trigger Sunday on a deal with Elvis Dumervil, and that's a major impact player, With Dumervil, Terrell Suggs and the addition of end/tackle Chris Canty, the Ravens could have a potentially excellent pass rush for the 2013 season.

The Ravens allowed certain players to leave this season because they were overpaid in the free agent market, or they no longer were a valuable asset to the franchise. Fans tend to forget the season doesn't start until September, not in the spring or summer.

Dumervil is a good catch for the Ravens. The front office continues to make the right moves.

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