Nobody wins in Ravens, Orioles dispute

March 22, 2013|Baltimore Sun staff

Now that the Orioles and Ravens have announced they could not reach a compromise on the Sept. 5 date, and the NFL says the Ravens will start the season on the road, it’s fair to say that nobody won this debacle. It’s a losing proposition all around.

The Orioles lose because they’re going to get ripped for not finding a way to move the game, and subsequently having a crowd of about 5,000 for the Sept. 5 night game against the Chicago White Sox. The Ravens lose because they have to open the season on the road, probably against the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos or Pittsburgh Steelers. But most importantly, the fans lose. Having that nationally televised night home game in Baltimore would have been pretty cool.

There’s enough blame here to go around. But in the end, everyone loses.

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