O's should embrace day game

March 22, 2013

This comment is in response to Peter Schmuck's column and this ongoing scheduling dilemma involving the Ravens and the Orioles ("Don't blame Orioles for scheduling conflict with Ravens season opener," March 20).

I truly feel the Orioles organization is missing something when they are expressing concern that a midweek day game would affect revenues. It is the first day of the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashana. All of the schools are closed in the observance of the holiday. The ballpark has the potential to be packed with families who have kids off school for the day.

Jewish families who are observant are not going to go, nor in some cases watch, whether it is a day or night game, so the possibility of filling the ballpark with families and children off from school could be very positive for them. There could be special electricity in the ballpark especially if some type of promotion or give-away is offered.

Sabrina Levitt

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