When is it OK to steal other brides' ideas?

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March 22, 2013|By Katie Mercado, For The Baltimore Sun

I spoke with a friend/fellow bride-to-be recently who brought up something I hadn’t really considered before. In terms of wedding planning, when is it appropriate versus inappropriate to copy off of another bride’s ideas?

Obviously in the world of social media, especially Pinterest, it sometimes can be hard not to copy, but typically that’s taking an idea from a stranger who you don’t even know. That, I think, is completely appropriate…and I’m very grateful to all of the strangers whom I have snatched ideas from during the planning process.

I also think it’s acceptable to borrow ideas from close friends who have already had their wedding. But please read carefully – there are three key points there: “borrow,” “close friends” and “already had.”

I do not think it’s appropriate to copy ideas from fellow brides who are currently planning right along side you, especially if you are using things that they have already planned -- yet your wedding is before their wedding. That’s just not very nice sharing etiquette. Remember, that bride put a lot of time and thought into it so it’s not fair for another bride to come along and essentially skip the planning and just go straight for the end product.

Now this is obviously just food for thought for others out there, and I would love to hear other opinions on the topic. Maybe there are those who think everything is fair game. If so, please let me know!

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