Hooping for 'Hank' at Bel Air High raises $1,227 for scholarship foundation

  • Matt Shetz, left, friend of Matt Rutherford, and Rutherford's mom, Chele Schirmer, share a hug before Wednesday night's Matt Rutherford Memorial basketball game at Bel Air High School.
Matt Shetz, left, friend of Matt Rutherford, and Rutherford's… (MATT BUTTON, Aegis staff )
March 21, 2013

A good crowd filled the gym at Bel Air High School Wednesday evening for a basketball game between faculty and students that raised well beyond the $1,000 goal for the Matt Rutherford Foundation that awards scholarships to BAHS seniors.

All proceeds from ticket sales, raffles and other donations at Wednesday's game benefited the scholarship program established in memory of Matt "Hank" Rutherford, a Bel Air High senior who died in a car accident in December 2007.

Raffles, the half-time show, the entrance fee to the game and to play netted $1,227, according to information provided Chris McDonough, a teacher at Bel Air High School. Concession money goes right to Bel Air High Boosters, which then makes a donation to scholarship fund at the end of the school year.

This year was the third annual basketball game. This year a student/faculty volleyball game was added in January and a softball game will be played in May, McDonough wrote in an email. Her goal with the students is to have an event every other month next year.

In total this school year, $2,181.38 has been raised for the scholarship fund - $954.38 from the volleyball game and $1,227 from the basketball game, McDonough wrote.

"Our goal had been to make at least $1,000 this year on one of our events. We have now accomplished that and will be shooting for more next year," she wrote.

Teachers donate their time to play and others donate their time running concessions with students, taking gate money with students and running the raffle. Students and teachers create morning announcement videos that are shared each day leading up to the big night and "there is lots of trash talking and word has really spread how much fun these events are now."

"I really try to pull from the entire school population for the student players, the students sign up and pay $2 at lunch to say they want to play," McDonough wrote.

A drawing is held to get the players for the team. Each grade level is allotted a number of players based on the total response from each class and the number organizers want to see on the team.

"The goal is for everyone to embrace the Matt Rutherford Memorial Foundation and see what this young man brought to Bel Air High School," she wrote.

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