Harford executive urges reconsideration of Towson building decision

March 21, 2013

Harford County Executive David R. Craig issued the following statement Wednesday in response to action earlier by the Maryland Board of Public Works to delay construction of the proposed Towson University building on the Harford Community College campus:

As a graduate of Towson University as well as the County Executive for Harford County, I am deeply concerned by the action of the Board of Public Works to delay construction of a Towson University facility on the campus of Harford Community College. In essence, because the Governor and Comptroller are upset with Towson University over a recent budgetary and management decision regarding sports programming, they are now playing politics with the education of students and faculty associated with Towson University and Harford Community College.

I certainly understand the concerns regarding the termination of the men's baseball and soccer programs at Towson, however students and their education should not be held hostage because of a difference of opinion on the future of sports at the main Towson University campus.

I urge Governor O'Malley and Comptroller Franchot to set aside personal politics and allow construction of the Towson University facility at Harford Community College to proceed.

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