Also upset about situation at APG [Letter]

March 21, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


I would like to comment to the recent letter in reference to the state of affairs at APG. First I would like to thank Maj. T. J. Riley, who wrote the letter, for his service to his country.

I have worked for APG since the 1980s. Everything he stated in his letter is correct about BRAC compared to the rest of the post. If anybody has worked on post for a period of time and has sent service requests to get anything corrected or updated to their buildings they would have received the same answer as there is no available funds.

Yet when the BRAC employees started infiltrating, they received a complete makeover to roads and grounds including new roads being paved to traffic lights being installed blocking off normal traffic that has been traveling the same routes for years now, to now taking a different route or stopping at a traffic signal because they no longer have the right of way.

The BRAC employees also get commuter subsidies for their travel needs all with the taxpayer's dollars. With the sequester at stake, this all needs to stop.

Many activities on base have been cut due to funding. Our jobs are being eliminated and the ones that are lucky to survive that are now dealing with furlough. I think if you take a survey of the BRAC employees are taking little to no cuts compared to the rest of the post. If you think the Maryland politicians are doing a good job just look at the buildings you are in and the treatment you are receiving compared to the BRAC employees.

Second I would like to also comment on the letter about the support for the Second Amendment. I want to thank Del. Glen Glass and a second thanks to Maj. T. J. Riley for standing up for the Second Amendment for our right to keep and bear arms. Everyone needs to remember what I have been told by many people and I agree with them 100 percent again, it is better to have it not need it, than to need it and not have it. You don't want to sit around saying I wish I would have did something about it. You will never get the second chance. I hope other people will send in comments. Nothing will ever change if you do not speak up.

Michael Wade Zyski


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