In favor of shad roe as springtime table fare [Letter]

March 21, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


I enjoyed [Jim Kennedy's recent column]. I grew up in Richmond, Va., and shad roe in the Spring was a big deal. I will admit that was 35 years ago. Each spring many local restaurants advertised "Specials on Shad roe."

Almost any way you could think of was a good idea. I personally enjoyed roe with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sautéed roe for lunch or dinner was also very good. The local grocery stores advertised roe in their ads. We even had a local canner, "Tidewater," offer canned roe that made it available seasonable. I purchased numerous can so I extend the season.

I have also tried the ramps you speak of, but I must say they are very low on my list.

One final note, I love strawberries (May be number 1 on my list) but will have to say other than the local berries, I do not waste my money. I love clementines also, but once again other than the ones sold during the Christmas season, the taste just doesn't meet my taste test. Like you said, might as well eat a lemon.

Keep up the good work.

Julian Mangum

Forest Hill

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