'Survivor: Caramoan' recap, 'Operation Thunder Dome'

  • L-R: Julia Landauer, Michael Snow, Sherri Biethman and Edward "Eddie" Fox of the Gota Tribe during the fifth episode of "Survivor: Caramoan."
L-R: Julia Landauer, Michael Snow, Sherri Biethman and Edward… (Monty Brinton / CBS )
March 21, 2013|Beth Aaltonen, for The Baltimore Sun

That episode title sounds like it came from Phillip; I don’t like it already.   Back from the impromptu Tribal Council, the Favorites are dissecting what happened with Brandon. And as Corinne points out, he destroyed the food of the whole tribe, not only the people he had the problem with. Corinne is also upset that no one stood up for her and Phillip. Listen, lady, the best way to deal with the Crazy is to not engage it, and avoid looking it in the eye.   At the Fans camp, they are decidedly more upbeat than they were last week as they read the Treemail about this week's Reward Challenge. Reynold has come to the conclusion that playing the social game won't work for him and Eddie right now, so they'll just have to concentrate on being invaluable during challenges so the rest of their tribe can't get rid of them.   Reward Challenge time! Or not? The Fans admit to Jeff that they don't care how they won, they're just glad that they didn't lose another challenge. They also admit that they'd rather be wet and miserable than have to share their camp with a rice-throwing Brandon.   And because people might be some semblance of happy for a moment, it's time to mix things up and they are switching tribes. I thought it would be the merge, but I guess it's not time for that.   The new Gota tribe (I guess I'll have to start calling them by their names, now) is Reynold, Eddie, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherry, Erik, and Brenda. Geez, they're going to win everything, aren't they? The new Bikal is Corinne, Phillip, Michael, Matt, Cochran, Dawn, and Julia. Both new tribes are given a new bag of rice, as well as a new flint.   And because Eddie and Reynold are incapable of being humble about themselves, they start referring to themselves as gods when they get back to camp. Sigh. As and soon as they get a chance, they start trying to ally themselves with Malcolm and Erik. Erik sees through Reynold right away, and refers to him as an used-car salesman.   Sherry is doing the same thing with Andrea and Brenda, because she realizes how outnumbered she is (and that no one from her alliance is on her tribe anymore.) 00   Back at Bikal, Corinne immediately loves Michael, while Phillip tries to get Julia on his side. Julia looks a little unsure about how to deal with him. He seems more than a little crazy, but people on his tribe also seem to view him as a leader, so I understand that.   Andrea and Malcolm go for a walk (to get water?) and they talk about the divide amongst the Fans on their tribe. Works well for them, voting-wise. Andrea then tells Malcolm that she had a dream that he had an Immunity Idol, which he does, but he lies about it. He then says in confessional that he's "good at lying to women," which -- yuck, Malcolm. Don't make me start disliking you.   Corinne and Dawn are not impressed that Phillip approached Julia about flipping. They agree that he needs to keep his mouth shut (which he's been incapable of thus far.) They consider just getting rid of him before he can cause any real damage.   Now it's really Challenge time, this time for Immunity. I guess they mixed up the tribes instead of a Reward Challenge this time? Anyways, the challenge this week involves running, pushing crates and building a staircase puzzle. It seems like Gota, with all the strong guys, will have an advantage in this challenge. And they do, taking an early lead. They key to their success seems to be in building momentum, and not letting the block fully stop, so that it moves faster. I don't know if this is because they're stronger, or just doing it right.   But now it's time for the puzzle, and, as we all know, that can ruin a team. Julia tries to tell people where to put the pieces, but Phillip naysays it. It takes Bikal forever to get their first block up, and it's in the wrong place. Gota finishes before Bikal gets a single crate in the proper place.   So will this finally mean the end for Phillip? His control-freak tendencies almost single-handedly ruined that challenge for his team (not that he recognizes that.) He seems to be gunning for Corinne, based on his ramblings, but is he willing to get rid of her now, or will he wait until the numbers are more in his favor. As for me? I hope Phillip goes home tonight, but I guess it's too much to ask for to get rid of all the crazy in only two weeks.   Back at Bikal's camp, Phillip gives a lovely speech about how the other tribe was just better than them. Umm, no, Phillip, you got in the way with the puzzle part and ruined any chance your tribe had of catching up. Corinne finds him extremely annoying (as does everyone) but is willing to keep him around because he will vote with her (or so she thinks, anyway.)   And now Phillip, it seems, wants to vote out Julia, because she got "flustered" during the challenge. He goes into the whole ‘"Stealth R' Us" spiel with Matt and Michael, and, to their credit, they don't laugh in his face. They really want to stay in the game.   Julia approaches Matt and Michael in the bush to talk about who to vote for. She suggests they all vote for one person from the Favorites; seems like a good plan, but then she suggests Dawn. I like Dawn, who is perhaps the nicest person to ever play this game, so now I am immediately OK with Julia going home.   Corinne and Cochran talk to Michael and Matt about who to vote for, but it's just a whole bunch of nobody really trusting each other.   Now all the Favorites on Bikal are talking about who to get rid of. Cochran wants to vote for Matt, since he knows that Matt doesn't have an Immunity Idol. Phillip and Corinne are on the same page about getting rid of Julia because she's weaker in challenges than Matt (plus Corinne finds Julia annoying.)   Tribal Council time! Corinne admits to her love of Michael specifically because he's gay, which seems to make Michael a little uncomfortable (as it should, that's a little creepy.) Philip is apparently basing his vote on who will do what he tells them. Why have they not voted him out? I need him to go home. I'm pretty sure that it's going to be Julia, but there is still a small chance that it's going to be Matt. I hope it's not Matt; I like him.   And the votes are in, and I had wrote a whole paragraph about Julia going home, because that's who I thought it would be. But no, it's Matt, who I really, really liked. Sigh. I'm sorry Matt, because given how the last four seasons have gone, me liking a contestant equals a death sentence. Now who do I root for?   Next week: Phillip falls short in a challenge, and Malcolm is making his move.   Credits: Matt is the victim of the tribe mix-up, but thinks he played a good game. (I think so too.)

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