Don't blame women for cuts in Towson's men's teams

March 20, 2013

Towson University president Maravene Loeschke's defense of cutting the men's soccer and baseball teams was less than honest ("Towson president says cutbacks of baseball, soccer painful but necessary," March 15).

Not once did she mention football, a major expense for a university and the real reason for cutting other men's sports. Instead she did a great disservice to her gender by using the smoke screen of Title IX as a factor.

Just to mention equality for women's sports implicates Title IX, but she is talking about pennies and this is wrong. Stop blaming women athletes for the demise of men's teams when we all know it is the excessive expense of men's football that is hurting other male athletes.

Carol P. Saucier, Cockeysville

The writer is a 1998 graduate of Towson University.

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