Minimum wage bill fails in committee

March 20, 2013|Erin Cox | The Baltimore Sun

A bill to raise Maryland's minimum wage to $10 an hour failed in a Senate committee vote Wednesday, its sponsor said.  

The Raise Maryland campaign, part of a national effort, sought to increase the state's minimum per-hour wage from $7.25 to one of the highest rates in the country.  The organization said had the minimum wage been raised with inflation over the past 40 years, it would be $10.67. 

The Senate Finance Committee voted unfavorably on the measure. One committee member said it failed in an 8-3 vote.

A companion bill has been introduced in the House of Delegates, but a committee vote has not been scheduled.

"I see better hopes for next year," Sen. Rob Garagiola, a Montgomery County Democrat who sponsored the bill, said in a message, adding that "the groundwork had been laid." 

The National Employment Law Project has this year launched campaigns to raise the minimum wage in Maryland, New York, New Mexico, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusettes, Minnesota, Hawaii, California and Illinois.

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