The waiting is the best part

March 20, 2013|By Kim Fernandez, For The Baltimore Sun

Every day at 4 p.m., the Labragator follows me around the house and stares me in the eye, throwing in the occasional whimper just in case I didn’t notice the 96 pounds of black dog in my face.

That, you see, is the beginning of her afternoon routine. Outside for a potty break at 4, dinner at 4:45 (or earlier if she can annoy me enough that I give in), and then immediately to the front door to wait for my husband to get home.

The waiting has become my favorite part. She lays just inside our storm door on a throw rug that’s just her size (can you say “spoiled rotten Labragator?”), nose smooshed into the glass, until her daddy’s car pulls in the driveway. If it’s five minutes or five hours, she waits. And when he finally arrives home, she jumps up, whimpers again, and runs to the kitchen door in a blur of paws and wagging tail to greet him with a series of leaps and bounces and nudges.

She also waits in the morning in the hallway between our bedroom and my son’s room for 6:40, when it’s time to wake the kids. At the appointed hour, I turn their doorknobs and she uses her big head to fling the doors open before bounding in to lick them in their ears and faces until they’re upright. And the more they burrow under their pillows and moan “Mooooollllyyyyyy,” the faster her tail wags.

I love seeing her curled up against a door, waiting to greet one of her favorite people every day. The loyalty is heartwarming, and it’s great to see from a dog who was an orphan just a few years ago. There is nothing like the love of a pet, you know?

So tell me by commenting below: Does your dog or cat wait for you or other family members to wake up or get home? What does he or she do that melts your heart? I can’t wait to hear!

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