'Much Ado About Nothing'

March 20, 2013|Record report

The Harford Community College Actors Guild is planning a performance of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" on April 26-28 and May 3-5 at the college's Blackbox Theater in Joppa Hall.

Shakespeare's masterful comedy features as main characters two pairs of soul mates, the deliciously clever Beatrice and Benedick, always throwing jibes in a "merry war" of wit, and the sweet but foolish Claudio and Hero, whose innocent trust nearly undoes their love.

Charming Princes, vile brothers, bumbling fools and sizzling coquettes fill this comedy, set amid the romantic heat of Renaissance Spain.

Tickets are $8-$12 and are available at tickets.harford.edu, the Harford Community College Ticket Office in the Chesapeake Center, or by calling 443-412-2211. Reasonable accommodations for a documented disability may be requested by calling Disability Support Services, 443-412-2402, in advance of participation. A minimum notice of two weeks may be needed to provide some accommodations.

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