Columbia Association adds Piloxing fitness classes

Pilates-boxing hybrid mixes cardio and strength training

(photo by Sarah Pastrana )
March 20, 2013|By L'Oreal Thompson

Move over, Zumba. There’s a new fitness craze in town. Piloxing, which is a fusion of Pilates and boxing, debuted in Columbia last fall and continues to grow in popularity.

Piloxing’s blend of the cardiovascular benefits of boxing and the muscle toning of Pilates makes for a well-rounded and challenging workout, says Megan Cooperman, a group fitness supervisor for the Columbia Association, which hosts classes at local gyms.

“You work your upper body and develop strength from boxing,” she says. “You also work on lengthening and developing your core through Pilates. And there’s some dancing. It’s all about having fun.”

Piloxing got its start a few years ago in Hollywood with Viveca Jensen, a Swedish dancer and celebrity fitness trainer. “All of her clients were coming in for Pilates and going somewhere else for cardio,” explains Cooperman. “So she thought, ‘Let me blend the best of everything I can do.’ ”

To dress the part and get even more out of your workout, check out specialty weighted Piloxing gloves, which the Columbia Association sells for $25 per pair.

Six-week Piloxing sessions at Supreme Sports Club and Columbia Gym are $60 for members and $72 for nonmembers. For more information, go to

Or call Supreme Sports Club at 410-381-5355 and Columbia Gym at
410-531-0800 to inquire about free trial classes.

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