Wine Find: Don Benigno Manzanilla Sherry

March 20, 2013

From: Spain

Price: $10

Serve with: Grilled fish, in bisques, aperitif

Manzanilla is a form of dry sherry that I became quite fond of while traveling in southern Spain, where it hails from. It's similar to a fino sherry but has a little more nutty edge and a hint of sea spray. The Don Benigno is the least-expensive version I've encountered in Maryland, and its quality is comparable to its more expensive rivals. It's a lightly fortified wine, which makes it stronger than most whites, and there's a subtle hint of oxidation — a plus in this case. It's a sipping wine that's also inexpensive enough that you can use it in cooking — especially seafood bisques — without regret.

--Michael Dresser

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