Al Rogers drops the must-see 'U Must Luv Me' video

March 20, 2013|By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun

(Video contains explicit language)

The 23-year-old Baltimore rapper Al Rogers has released a new video, "U Must Luv Me." The song and video are excellent — for Rogers' unhinged, emotive delivery most notably — and should be watched immediately.

The song, produced by East Baltimore's Millz Douglas, comes from Rogers' "Almost" EP, which is scheduled to drop on Tuesday. The video was directed by Rogers and DUBRC Films.

Rogers included this note in an email:

“U MUST LUV ME" is more of a personal track and also a slight rendition to Jay-Z original song and the video portrays that. The song will be extended on the actual tape. I wanted to give a brief preview of a song which is about my different relationships with my peers and family while growing up in baltimore and one of the people featured in the video is my mother.

Recently, VICE hung out with Rogers in New York City. The clip (which contains explicit language) shows Rogers hanging out, discussing his music and more. There are even shots of him skateboarding and, of course, rapping.

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