Towson president has the facts wrong

March 19, 2013

If Towson University President Maravene Loeschke believes what she wrote in her commentary ("Painful cuts TU needs," March 17), then she is basing her decision on false information and without regard to the motives of the athletic department led by Mike Waddell.

First, it has been clearly proven that Title IX compliance is not an issue and never was. Second, how are you improving the competitiveness of the entire athletic program by eliminating two of the most competitive teams which have been part of Towson athletics for 80 years. In addition, Towson is losing two of the most successful, dedicated and respected coaches who have helped a couple of thousand student athletes become better athletes and prepare themselves for life after college. In fact, these two teams have two of the three highest team grade point averages and graduation rates in the athletic program.

Third, it is a fact that the athletic department has spent the athletic budget into a $1.3 million deficit from a $450,000 surplus in two years. This money was spent on football, basketball and over-hiring by Mr. Waddell. Now that the two revenue producing sports are competitive again, he is trying to balance his budget by eliminating two highly competitive programs.

Shouldn't the additional revenue that football and basketball will bring in be used to help support other worthy sports and the university as a whole rather than eliminate other successful programs? In closing, the task force was stacked with Mr Waddell's supporters. The facts and statistics were distorted and manipulated to show that there were no other viable options. Towson is a public university and all the records should have been made available to the public, and that was not the case. It is clear that Mr. Waddell's motive from day one has been to land a job at a major conference school at the expense of Towson and many of its student athletes.

Has President Loeschke taken into consideration the numerous baseball and soccer alumni such as myself who will no longer support the school financially? This includes John Schuerholz who donated $250,000 years ago to build the great baseball stadium on the campus.

Mark Radom, Owings Mills

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