Symphony Woods trust will work with CA, but remain independent [Letter]

March 19, 2013

We've come too far in taking a positive step forward for the future of Columbia to be dragged down into the endless negativity of conspiracy, stagnation and paralysis.

In the interest of creating a new vision for Symphony Woods greater than anything the Columbia Association could ever do on its own, the board has voted to create a non-profit 501(c)(3) trust. This trust would allow the receipt of county, state and private funds, while protecting Columbia lien-payers from liabilities undertaken in the pursuit of the Inner Arbor Plan.

Predictably, opponents of the plan, having failed to convince the community on substance, are attempting to reverse course based on lies, scare tactics and empty critiques of process that have proven elusive to satisfaction or remedy. Let's be clear — there is no rush. The votes have been taken. The Columbia Association will develop the Inner Arbor Plan in Symphony Woods via the mechanism of a trust. In furtherance of that vote, the board is in the process of selecting the founding members of the new trust in an open and transparent way.

Once this trust is created, it will be a legally distinct entity with the Columbia Association president as a permanent member, subject to the hiring and firing decisions of the CA board, two members originating from the Columbia Association Board and two other members selected by those three. CA will not be able to dictate the manner in which future board members are selected, but with the organization owning the underlying land, providing a primary source of funding, and carry-over influence from the founding members, there is every reason to believe the relationship between the two affiliate organizations will continue to be a cooperative one operating for the benefit of all residents of Columbia.

We have a lot left to prove. I am confident we will. All we need now is the same positive aspiration that formed our community in the first place to carry over to what we're doing now and into the future. Think big.

Tom Coale

CA Board Representative for Dorsey's Search

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