Mt. Washington Tavern to honor firefighters with happy hour

March 19, 2013|By Wesley Case, The Baltimore Sun

Mt. Washington Tavern, which suffered a significant fire in fall 2011 that required more than 60 Baltimore City firefighters to extinguish, has scheduled a special happy hour today from 4 to 8 p.m. to honor the fire department. 

The happy hour will take place in the renovated restaurant's SkyBar, and will feature light fare such as wings and shrimp. Responders Ale, from the 16 Mile Brewing Company in Georgetown, Del., will be sold for $3. A dollar from each Responders Ale will be donated to the fire department, according to Mt. Washington Tavern publicist Mikey Monaghan. There will also be collection boots on site for patrons to donate.

The last time I wrote about Mt. Washington Tavern was in January. I wrote a review that complimented the redesign and little else. The bartenders serving my party at the time were frankly rude and off-putting. The review generated the largest amount of feedback of any review I've written to this day (emails, tweets, comments, face-to-face anecdotes, etc.), and literally every person that responded either agreed with my assessment and/or had their own unpleasant story to share.

When Monaghan first reached out to me, it was for a different event, but interestingly, she ended the email with this (which I'm reprinting with her permission, and the bolding is my emphasis):

"FYI – the owners were pretty devastated by the service you and your friend received on your last visit to the Tavern. They actually had the bartenders who were on that evening read and sign a letter from them about how one person's actions can hurt the whole group. I hope you'll be back to give the Tavern another chance."

This is how it should be — accepting criticism and moving forward, hopefully with the aim to improve. If you've been to the Tavern recently, tell us about your experience, especially with service, in the comments field below.

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