Savannah Outen to serenade Hopkins cancer patient

(Savannah Outen, Handout…)
March 18, 2013|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

A teen cancer patient at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center is set to be serenaded later today by Disney star Savannah Outen.

According to the hospital, Outen is to fly in Monday and sing to cancer patient Bo Oliver, who's 16. She'll be singing a song she wrote in Bo's honor.

The treat for Bo is the work of Music is Medicine's Donate a Song program. 

Any profits from the tune called "Brave and True" will go to Johns Hopkins pediatric oncology research.

Like Justin Bieber, Outen launched her career on YouTube. She now records songs for Disney.

"We're takin off! The Baltimore journey begins!!!" she Tweeted early Monday.

Savannah Outen

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