Delegates should be ashamed

March 16, 2013

What does the article, "House passes bill to widen uses of campaign funds" (March 8) convey to us?

Maybe we need a new bill passed which would allow candidates to use campaign funds to pamper themselves with new hair styles and to clothe themselves with new outfits to wear when attending these professional conferences that they've now entitled themselves to.

Maybe Del. Carolyn J.B. Howard and the other 109 delegates who voted in favor of this bill should be ashamed of themselves for making this bill such an essential item.

Wouldn't paying for trips and other "necessities" out of their own pockets really be the right thing to do? In reality, just how much is accomplished at these conferences anyway? Do we really know what the politicians learned or gained from attending such events or how they have applied these teachings for the benefit of their constituents?

Anybody who gives money to a politician should ask the following, "Would the money be better spent for the needy of our community?"

What's more, the real issue is not whether one is conservative, liberal, or independent who is voting for such a bill. Rather, the compelling issue is whether the individual is ethical or unethical.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

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