Early school? Rise and shine

March 15, 2013

According to the article on the front page of The Sun ("Md. school systems study later start for high schools," March 11), there is a concern regarding the early start of schools in the morning. It seems that this may be the cause of poor performance by the students. One main reason is that the students do not have time to eat breakfast. Well, I may have the answer to that: "Get up 15 minutes sooner."

Oh yes, and then there is the problem of early dismissal. The reason given is that it allows more time for the students to get into trouble. Actually, the answer to this problem is right on the second page of the same newspaper were the headline reads, "Two young Marylanders honored for their community spirit."

This article should be a must-read for students, teachers and parents. These are the young people bound for success.

Jeanne Keighley, Parkville

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