Lower boat tax would create jobs

March 15, 2013

As someone involved in the boating industry, I applaud Gary Jobson for his recent commentary urging the Maryland General Assembly to adopt a cap on our state's boat excise tax ("Bring the boats back," March 8).

In recent years, all of us have seen a decline in the number of high-priced vessels that are being registered in our state. That means fewer big boats to get serviced in our marinas and fewer big boats seeking to purchase fuel and other supplies. The result is less spending and fewer local jobs.

A cap on the tax will persuade more Marylanders to register their boats here in our state, leading to more local spending and more local jobs. Ultimately, if more boats are registered here, over the long term, we'll see more revenues for our state.

It's time for Maryland to do something to help our boating industry. We can't afford to wait any longer.

Brian Schneider, Middle River

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