Howard County's speed cameras 'based on lies' [Letter]

March 15, 2013

In May 2011 I testified before the County Council that their proposed speed camera program was unnecessary, and is more for revenue than public safety. I was, as usual, correct.

The program lost money for its first six months. It has issued 16 percent fewer tickets than projected. This was after an extensive study, that cost the taxpayers a small fortune, was used to justify the program. In fact, because of that study, $1.228 million was budgeted for FY12, which equals 30,700 tickets at $40 each. Only 25,836 tickets were issued. They have issued almost 5,000 fewer tickets than they said they would! The horrible speeding problem Courtney and Company claimed we have just doesn't exist.

I'm not saying people don't speed. What I am saying is we don't need these one-eyed bandits punishing us for every minor offense. There are schools that do not have any foot traffic in front of them, yet they do have camera vans at any given time. And, have there been any student safety programs created with the money? Not at my children's school!

These cameras were based on lies. They must go.

Pat Dornan


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