Ambluance responders acted appropriately [letter]

March 15, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


Regarding your article of March 6, "Rescuers break wrong door down." I'm sure policies and procedures were followed. The medic unit was responding to a possible stroke victim. Often times, a person having a stroke is paralyzed and unable to speak. Several attempts were made to make contact with the occupant. The address was verified with emergency operations. Right address, possible stroke victim and no occupant response lead to forced entry. In my opinion, the decision of the on-site Fire and Ambulance Offices was spot on.

Your article portrays the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company as uncaring: "These things happen." In reality, they were where they were supposed to be and did what they were supposed to do. Why else would they offer to compensate the home owner be rejected? County Risk Management is culpable, not the BAVFC.

By the way, in the next to last paragraph of your current article, your quotation marks are backwards. You're so eager to criticize a group of consummate professionals (Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company), yet you fail to follow the simplest rule of punctuation.

Bill Fields


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