The Arrow Center Greenhouse

March 15, 2013

Students at The Arrow Center for Education Fair Meadows Campus in Harford County are getting their hands dirty.

Even with snow is in the forecast earlier this month, conditions inside the Arrow Greenhouse were ideal for getting a jump start on the growing season.

The greenhouse is a key component of the Horticulture Program that The Arrow Center for Education Fair Meadows Campus offers to its students. Students are able to learn skills and study specific trades within the horticulture field, and students in the school's Vocational Placement program are able to apply business skills they study to a real-world application as they manage the inventory of greenhouse supplies, market, and sell plants and arrangements.

A wide variety of vegetable, herb and flower seeds have been planted by students enrolled in the horticulture class. The students were amazed at how quickly the seeds germinated and they enjoyed measuring the plants to see how much they grew, according to a release from the school.

They also got the opportunity to compare shapes of the leaves of different varieties of the same species and have been learning to identify the characteristics of each plant type.

Students will get the opportunity to plant the seedlings in vegetable and flower gardens on the school grounds as soon as weather permits. Later on, they'll get the opportunity taste the fruits --- and vegetables -- of their labors.

The construction of the Arrow Greenhouse was made possible in 2011 through grants provided by the Dresher Foundation and Harford United Charities, Inc.

Surplus plants will be available to the public for purchase in May. Market packs including a variety of tomato plants, broccoli, cabbage, sweet and hot peppers, assorted herbs, flowers, and hanging baskets will be offered. Please call 410-734-0560 for additional information on purchasing plants.

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