Meet Eddie, the calico lobster

March 15, 2013|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Meet Eddie. Eddie is a calico lobster. He is one in 30 million, give or take.

Eddie is in safe hands now with the Profish Seafood Company of Washington, D.C. John Rorapaugh, Profish's director of sustainable initiatives, says that Eddie has been sequestered from the other lobsters so that someone doesn't accidentally sell him. 

The sharp-eyed lobster spotter, Rorapaugh said, was Peter Martone, Profish's lobster buyer, who saw the calico, named him and put him aside. Martone, who worked on the Andrea Gail (of "Perfect Storm" fame), has a "daily romance with our incoming fish," Rorapaugh said.

Rorapaugh said Profish is considering donating the lobster to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

The last calico lobster to make the news was Calvin, who was discovered at Jasper White's Summer Shack restaurant in Cambridge, Mass.  News coverage at the time stated the 1-in-30-million statistic provided by the Lobster Institute of Orono, Maine.  Calico lobsters, the institute’s website says, are rarer than blue and yellow lobsters but not as rare the orange-and-brown split-color lobster.



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