Towson fails to give honest answers

March 14, 2013

My alma mater made it official this past Friday: Towson University has made the despicable choice to drop the mens' soccer and baseball programs. The decision-makers had the audacity to inform the student ballplayers, their parents, and the community it was due to Title IX mandates (which basically calls for equity among the genders in our NCAA colleges and universities). Being in its off-season, the mens' soccer program was cut immediately. The baseball team will play out the remainder of its season, but many players on the team now have to make contingency plans about where to further their college baseball passion.

The university cited Title IX mandates for the decision (excuse) to vanquish these sports, for they generate little or no revenue for Towson. The inherent reason is that the mens' basketball and football programs are the "breadwinner sports," the ones that will make the university more profitable. Why did the university take the low road and lie to the people involved in this poorly handled debacle?

Being a Division I school, Towson University aspires to run with the big dogs, schools such as Syracuse and Maryland. Towson envisions itself as being an integral D-I sports (and academic) powerhouse. Parting ways with aforementioned sports has been a public relations meltdown for the university. It could have been averted if the school had not conjured up lame alibis regarding their elimination.

Division I powerhouse? Seriously? Come on, TU decision-makers, you cannot even make your way out of the reeking PR dung heap you have created. Towson University has taken a giant leap in the wrong direction and the community is reeling from the decision. To those TU people who had a hand in this decision, a lasting pox on your houses.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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