Tax is sinking boat industry

March 14, 2013

How is it possible that boat registrations in Maryland are stagnant even as boating sales and registrations across the rest of the country are bouncing back from the national recession?

I think that Gary Jobson hit the answer squarely by pointing out the impact of Maryland's excessively high boat excise tax ("Bring the boats back," March 8). By not being competitive with our neighboring states up and down the Atlantic Coast, it's clear that Maryland boat owners are choosing to register their vessels in other states to avoid our tax. And that means that all of the local spending and local jobs that typically are created to service local boats are going to other states.

Let's give our boating industry here in Maryland a boost and help restore this traditional Chesapeake Bay industry.

Bob Brandon, Baltimore

The writer is president of Tidewater Yacht Service.

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