Suggestions to deal with crime problem [letter]

March 14, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


Every day the media reports more crime, more violent crime, all kinds of pointless crimes.

I can think of at least three excellent deterrents to crime – any crime:

• The moral/religious compass, based on the Judeo-Christian principles found in America's foundation that was once taught by parents, teachers and clerics. 

• The fear of punishment after arrest, trial and conviction – particularly execution.   

• The fear of being killed or severely injured by an armed victim. 

There may be other deterrents, but aren't these good for a start?  So, "to make our lives safer" what do our elected officials do?  They:

• Say little about the steady erosion of America's foundations and core values;

• Seek to abolish the death penalty while trying to make prison life more pleasant;

• Work to disarm the only people who would ever obey gun-control laws or any laws – the honest citizens who elect them, pay their salaries and fund the police and/or security guards who protect them around the clock.  

What a bargain for us, the taxpayers! 

Elliot Deutsch

Bel Air

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