'Glee' recap: 'Feud'

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March 14, 2013|By Jennifer Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun Media Group

Tonight's episode is "Feud." The main attraction is the face-off between Finn (aka wedding wrecker) and Mr. Schuster (aka jilted at the altar by Emma Pillsbury on Valentine's Day).

And in true Glee style, the confrontation will take the form of song. The ever-mature Artie ("Switzerland"), Tina and Blaine serve as mediators.

Mr. Schu delivers a dose of reality to Finn (who, in case you missed it earlier this season, kissed Emma just before her wedding day possibly serving as the final chill to her already cold feet), telling him he only gave Finn the reins of the New Directions while he was out of town because he pitied Finn's total lack of direction and purpose following his break from Rachel and flop of a military career.

There are some undercard feuds as well, and turns out they are similar to mash-ups.

First up is Ryder v. Unique, performing Elton John's "The Bitch Is Back" and Madonna's "Dress You Up," respectively. I call this one a tie.

With some coaching from Becky, Sue channels her inner-Nicki Minaj and spends most of the episode trying to bully and blackmail Blaine into rejoining the Cheerios. Their feud mash-up involves Blaine singing Mariah Carey's "I Still Believe" up against Sue and the Cheerios on Minaj's "Super Bass." With the exception of Tina, even the rest of the club voted Sue the victor. (Second-best number of the show. Sue killed it! And her win meant Blaine had to suit up Cheerio-style. But worry not, he has plans to sabotage Sue's reign of terror from the inside.)

In the main event: Bring on the boy bands. With help from fellow-puppets Blaine and Jake, Mr. Schu chooses to sing 'N Sync's "Bye Bye Bye," while Finn takes on Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way" accompanied by Sam, Artie and Ryder.

Although the puppet play was cool (and the stage combat was lame), I'd say Finn won this one vocally.

We're led to believe they will hug it out, but Mr. Schu can't bring himself to let go of the feud.

In other news:

False alarm for Rachel. So no Glee baby on the way.

Mystery still swirls around Rachel's live-in boyfriend, Brody, however. So is he a drug dealer or a male escort? Seems like the latter now. He feeds Rachel a lame excuse about taking a less-than-glamorous side job as a catering waiter. But Santana insists her "psychic Mexican third eye" is never wrong, and confronts Brody to the tune of Paul Abdul's "Cold-Hearted Snake." (Best number of the episode! Complete with the industrial-playground-type scaffolding and Paula's signature chest contractions and gyrations.)

After Rachel and Kurt throw her out of the apartment for meddling, Santana poses as a "client" to yet again call Brody out, and invites Finn to the show as well. Actual punches are thrown for the first time in the "feud" episode and Finn departs with: "Stay away from my future wife."

Ryder has a new online sweetie. Do I sense another "issue" episode coming up re: sexting?

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