The case for getting an on-site venue coordinator

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March 13, 2013|By Katie Mercado, For The Baltimore Sun

At our venue, we’re lucky to have a wedding coordinator who works with us to ensure everything comes together. She'll help us especially on the day of the wedding to make sure the details are handled so that we can enjoy the moment.

Since it's just a couple months until the wedding, we got to meet with our coordinator recently and it was such a great experience. I would recommend all brides, when they are looking at potential venues, ask if they will be given a coordinator (for no additional charge) to help  in the planning and set-up process. Even for a person like me who is the uber planner, I couldn’t believe the things I hadn’t even thought of and how at ease I felt after just our first meeting.

We discussed the usual, like linen colors and menu, who the vendors are and what the bridal party line-up will be. Then we also discussed things like ceremony traditions, extra cake, bridal party entrance and timing preference for reception events like the first dances, garter toss, etc.

The coordinator was also able to provide us with important information for our vendors, that only she would think of – like the placement of speakers and sound equipment available for the DJ, the temperatures and placement options for the cake, the best lighting and arrangements for the flowers, the photo location options around the venue that match our style and vision, and the unique bar offers and changes based on our preferences and requests.

So if you’re a bride just starting the process, or even if you already have your venue booked, ask about a wedding coordinator or someone that can be your right hand during your day. Even if you think you have it under control, it will only help you in the end. And it can’t hurt to at least ask, right?

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