Letter: Editorial on sequestration contained misleading statements

Letter to the editor

March 13, 2013

The editorial in the Catonsville Times, published March 6, "Sequestration — a political game with real pain") contains these misleading statements:

• "Federal government workers and contractors wait nervously to see what these automatic spending cuts will mean in job furloughs and program trims."

• "Spending cuts of $85 billion are the stakes in this cynical game."

• "The cuts are expected to lead to long lines at airports, furloughs of federal workers, reduced access to Head Start programs for young students and reductions in food inspection and border security."

• "A program of spending cuts may have merit if applied judiciously, but the sequestration looks arbitrary and capricious."

The "spending cuts" are not actual spending cuts; they represent a small reduction in the government's planned increase in spending.

Actually, even with the misleading spending cuts included in the calculations, the federal government will spend about $3,553,000,000,000 more in 2013 than it did in 2012.

Also, the $85 billion amount quoted is at odds with the Congressional Budget Office's estimate of roughly half that amount.

And finally, the editorial didn't make it clear that the dire consequences associated with sequestration that were cited were simply unsubstantiated claims made by President Obama and members of his administration.

Richard Seymour


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