letter] In defense of our rights

March 12, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


Witnessing six Maryland sheriffs speaking in support of the Second Amendment at the Gun Rally with more than a thousand people in attendance in Annapolis on March 5 accentuates a legitimate need to protect our rights.

These career law enforcement officers spoke against the infringement of our civil rights because once these rights begin to erode, an emboldened legislature will continue to take more of our rights away.

The Governors' proposed gun bills in Annapolis do nothing to stop crime; they only target law-abiding citizens.  The criminal will not abide by any new law and the criminal already ignores the old laws.

The current political climate allows an agenda against guns and our Second Amendment under the guise of protecting children.  It is not the gun, but criminal who wants to cause us harm.

Political posturing has overshadowed the need to protect our children and ourselves; it is the criminal who is wrong. It is the criminal upon which to focus our resolve. It is the criminal who should be in prison. 

We need increased penalties for those assisting criminals in obtaining firearms and have better enforcement of our existing laws.  We need to review our mental health process and address treatment concerns; and determine how law enforcement can access mental health records for background checks while maintaining confidentiality of these records.

No, there is not one clear answer to the problem that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time; man's cruelty, hostility, and mayhem to one another.  But what we must not do is to trample upon the civil rights of our law abiding citizens; we are obligated to protect these rights and pursue the criminal.

In America we protect of First Amendment right with great passion. We should do no less to protect the Second Amendment.

John Walker

Bel Air


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