Frustration looming as another hurdle for Towson

Tigers' attempt to overcome 0-3 start took step back with Friday night's overtime loss to Marist

March 11, 2013|By Edward Lee, The Baltimore Sun

Towson’s 10-9 overtime setback to Marist on Friday night wasn’t just the team’s fourth mark in the loss column. It was a missed opportunity.

After opening the season with three consecutive losses, the Tigers thought they had turned the corner with back-to-back victories over Mercer and Mount St. Mary’s. But the lack of execution against the Red Foxes was puzzling to Towson coach Shawn Nadelen.

“It’s frustrating because I thought we had executed at a pretty high level against Mount St. Mary’s offensively, and I was looking forward to having our guys do the same thing,” he said Monday morning. “In the first half, I thought we did a decent job of that, but we just got stagnant in the second half. I think we got a little selfish, a little complacent in what we were doing and we just can’t do that. We’re not talented enough, we’re not dynamic enough to not have all six guys working fluidly on our offensive end. So I think that was a source of frustration. On the defensive end of the ball, we just needed to buckle down a couple more times. [Senior goalkeeper] Andrew [Wascavage] did another good job in the cage for us, but we continued to let him down by not making stops in transition and in six-on-six sets. We have to focus and play a lot more mistake-free than what we’re doing. What we saw against Mount St. Mary’s and not being able to duplicate that is going to be our challenge every game. We’ve got to try to get better and work at getting better.”

Asked if the players shared his sentiment, Nadelen said, “The guys are absolutely frustrated. They knew we had opportunities to win that game, and we didn’t get it done. They were definitely upset and frustrated with themselves and with how the game went. It’s a missed opportunity.”

The Tigers (2-4) won’t get much time to lick their wounds as they are scheduled to visit Annapolis on Tuesday night for a meeting with Navy (3-3). Nadelen would usually prefer a full week of practice to make corrections and adjustments, but there’s always an exception to the rule.

“I think anytime you lose, the quicker that next game is kind of a good thing,” he said. “Unless you have a lot of things to work on and correct, they want to get at that next game and have the opportunity to get the bad taste out of their mouth. So it is a good thing. A tough team like Navy is going to be challenging. We know it’s not just going to be a show-up-and-play-OK-and-win-anyway game. We don’t have any of those. So we’ve got to be able to right things and correct them and come back out against a very, very competitive team.”

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