Zirkin's disrespect for taxpayers knows no bounds

March 10, 2013

State Sen. Robert A. Zirkin has shown his true colors by taking on Columbia Gas' proposed new natural gas transmission pipeline ("Senator, gas company clash over pipeline," March 3).

Isn't it funny that he only fights the gas line when it comes across his property — and then tells the gas company to move it onto someone else's property?

He even tried to go after one of the lobbyists' wives with a special bill crafted to only affect her. I thought he was just pompous, but now I see by his disregard for the people who elected him that he is arrogant as well.

I seem to recall that when he was a delegate there was a problem with him renting office space from a local developer at lower than market rates and not reporting it as a campaign donation.

It seems to me he has a history of disregard of the public trust and should resign, but we know that won't happen. An elected official who uses his position to benefit himself does not deserve to stay in office.

Stuart Tamres, Reisterstown

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